If you are an affiliate or online marketer, you may be trying to convert your leads in the wrong way. You were most likely trained to send traffic straight to your company's website , using your affiliate link allowing potential customers to purchase the product or service from which you earn commissions.

Of course this is the ultimate goal -to get people interested enough to visit your affiliate link and make a purchase. But you are likely to be losing money by sending people directly to the corporate website using this strategy. 

If you have fallen in to the habit of working this way, I would like to introduce you to Bridge Page Funnels. A bridge page is meant to provide information about the offer in such a way that you can take cold traffic and warm them up to the idea of your offer before sending them directly to the sales page through your affiliate link

This strategy will warn your prospects up when they hit your bridge page, first before they click on the call to action with your imbedded affiliate link making them more likely to make the purchase on the product sales page.

Usually that would require a lot of work and time invested but, that is one of the Key problems that Poplinks is specifically designed to overcome. With Poplinks you are able to build the most beautiful, high-converting lead capture pages and bridge pages in as little as 60 seconds?

In this review I am going to reveal newly released advanced software that is designed to help you achieve your goals just that and it is called PopLinks.

I can guarantee you that PopLinks is far superior to everything you have ever seen before. This is one of the fastest ways to generating profits online-selling other people’s products as an affiliate


VendorChad Nicely and Perry Belcher
Launch date2022-Oct-13
Launch Time11:00 EST
Official websiteClick here to visit
Front-End Price$297
Guarantee30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Product TypeLanding Page Builder and Link Management System
SupportEffective Response
Skill LevelNewbies. All Levels
RecommendedHighly Recommended


PopLinks is different than anything you have ever seen before.  It was created with the newbie in mind. Its developers didn’t just copy what all the other platforms were doing.  Instead they wanted to find a solution that would allow the masses to very easily be able to create the same kind of high converting landing pages they see hitting their news feed each and every day!

Poplinks allows you to create simple lead capture funnels and bridge pages. The way it do this is so different from anything else you have ever seen before.

Poplinks is NOT a funnel builder but the ultimate affiliate suite that's here to change the game. This suite is a one-of-its-kind product that allows you to create simple lead capture funnels and bridge pages without any prior skills or experience.

Unless you are creating your own products you shouldn't be trying to create funnels


You will be shocked at what you are about to do inside of PopLinks. Using the included tools, you are able to build landing pages, bridge pages, and sales pages in less than 1 min.

4 simple steps to creating beautiful landing pages


#1 Global editor

This is going to allow you to create your pages in under a minute and then choose from the top converting designs instantly.

#2 2.0 page designs

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for “high converting” marketing pages or the new modern 2.0 web designs, everything is available for you.

#3 World’s easiest editor

You’re going to be creating pages in the first 5 minutes of using this software.

The creators have done everything they can to make sure you’re not overwhelmed and you’re able to produce the fastest, most responsive designs ever created.

#4 Both steps are created instantly

You’re able to access both of your steps in one panel. No more jumping around and trying to figure out the right order of your pages.

#5 Flip a switch to pull in media

This is another magic feature that makes this software very easy to use. There’s no complicated drag-and-drop. You simply flip a switch and add the media of your choice.

#6 Page sync technology

This is another favorite feature amongst the users. Imagine having your pages synchronized to each other including the same font styles, colors, sizes, and even spacing.

Your pages will always look consistent and congruent without any back and forth.

#7 Web 2.0 gradients

This is the newest and hottest thing in landing page design. With a few clicks, you’re able to add beautiful gradients to your backgrounds, text, and even your buttons.

#8 Background image overlays

You can very easily pull in images to be used as backgrounds in this software. However, wait until you see the color overlays and the amazing designs that are created.

It’s never been easier to make a page pop. Your images are completely optimized as well.

#9 Web 2.0 patterns

Image overlays are one thing but you won’t believe the new background effects you’re able to achieve with our web 2.0 patterns.

You simply choose the pattern, color, and size and it’s instant and ultra-fast loading.

#10 2 step opt-in boxes

This has always been a complicated process but not anymore. You just slide a switch over and your popup is ready to go and link to your step.

Not only that, your Popup instantly matches your design.

#11 One-click shuffle

Your page can instantly change its dimensions by clicking a single button. There are no measurements for you to put in, no cells for you to split.If you can click a button your page has a multitude of dimensions.


This platform also contains a link management system.


This is the technology that is going to make you flip

#1 Deploy Page Snippets

#2 Deploy Popups


If you invest in this incredible suite you will have the ultimate marketing system for newbies. A system everybody can use!

Inside PopLinks, you’ll discover a never-before-seen way to create the most in-demand pages: landing pages and bridge pages.

You will love these simple little landing pages that deliver an enticing message to your audience.They are exactly what the biggest guys in the business are using to bring in millions of dollars in sales from their paid ad campaigns.

If you work with any kind of social media, you can take advantage of these high-performing pages to capture people interested in your hook and get them off of the social platforms and into your list.

If you’re looking to rent other people’s lists, landing pages are the fastest and highest-converting pages you’re going to find online.

You will create pages as incredible and fast as these in a few minutes!

This suite is built on the same technology that Nasa, Twitter, Uber, and PayPal are using. So the point of delivered quality is beyond question.

Although such a high-tech, it was created with the newbie in mind. The developers have removed all the technical barriers related to ssl certificates or hosting, as well as the obstacles related to design, color, orientation and styling so that you only have to enter your copy and click a button.

If you are just starting out in affiliate marketing, Poplinks will be your best shortcut. Today you can have a suite that puts at your disposal the secret tools of the great affiliates.

You will not be able to find another tool that allows you to create unlimited pages with incredible designs and blazing speed without worrying about hosting, ssl certificate or even domains. No other tool allows you to monitor your links in real time like Poplinks does.

Your leads are automatically captured in the system or your can put them in your favorite autoresponder.

Affiliate Accelerator by Chad Nicely and Perry Belcher is the best program to get started in Affiliate Marketing. This Face book group gives you all the tools and training to learn how to be successful at Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Accelerator by Chad Nicely and Perry Belcher is the best program to get started in Affiliate Marketing. This group was created to show you all the steps necessary to get your affiliate business up and running, and how to monetize your business page. This is a step-by-step guide for affiliate marketers that clearly explains how affiliate marketing works and why it works. It is written for very beginners but also for advanced marketers who want to break through their own advertising ceilings and make more money with an affiliate program.

The Affiliate Accelerator group is designed to give you the tools and knowledge you need to launch and grow your online business.

Do you want to start a business in affiliate marketing but think you don’t know where to start? In this group we share tips on how to set up and run your first affiliate site. If you are looking for an easy way to starting making money online with affiliate marketing, this is for you!

The program includes three modules; Affiliate Incentives and Recurring Revenue, How to build a business and How to Create a Living Income from Your Hobby; all in one place.

Affiliate Accelerator is the best social media community group to get started in Affiliate Marketing, simply because it takes the mystery out of affiliate marketing. It makes it easy for you to create your own affiliate business, produce sales leads and build a successful business.

An Affiliate Marketing is the best route to earn money online. Affiliate marketing business can help anyone to make money online by working with the various kinds of affiliate programs on the internet. Affiliate marketing is a web-based model of marketing in which merchants pay publishers and other distributors to deliver their products to the end user. In contrast, advertisers usually pay search engines like Google or Yahoo! to deliver targeted ads that appear when Internet users search for keywords associated with a particular merchant's product or service. The user clicks on the ad or banner, and purchases the product or service advertised. Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by bringing people to products and services you market through your blog, website or social media accounts. Are you ready to make money from home? With affiliate marketing, you can start a profitable business that helps people and businesses bring in extra income. There's no experience required, just a secret weapon: your knowledge of the products you review! Today, more and more people are starting to realize how powerful the internet can be. With a little bit of strategy and patience, you can build a profitable business on the internet that’s compatible with your style, hobbies, and personality. With affiliate marketing as an online business model and opportunity, you can be your own boss and determine your own income. You can even make a full-time living from your internet business. Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to earn money online today. It can help you to get started quickly, even if you have no experience in internet marketing. Affiliate marketing involves sending traffic from your website to another website or business. If the traffic lands on a landing page that contains affiliate links and your affiliate link is clicked, you can earn commissions. Learn how to get started in affiliate marketing, from creating a profitable business to launching your first product. Hands-on lessons and practical advice will help you build an affiliate marketing business that works for you. You've probably heard the saying "You can't teach an old dog new tricks." But what if you could? What if you could learn exactly how to start making money online, and not just a little bit of money, but enough that you can quit your day job? How would that change your life? You'd be able to build a successful business or earn more money than you ever thought possible. And all it takes is a small amount of work and dedication. Are you looking for a business opportunity? If so, the option of affiliate marketing may be for you. A successful affiliate marketer has been known to make more than one hundred percent profit from the traffic they generate from their own websites, blogs and social media accounts. The main advantage of affiliate marketing is that it allows you to make money while you sleep. You don't need to be an expert in the field of your chosen product in order to start an affiliate website, although this doesn't hurt. In fact, proof of internet knowledge can help your new business develop rapidly and create revenue almost overnight. How do you get started in affiliate marketing? If you're not sure where to get started, or if you don't have any of the required skills, then this article is going to be especially useful. If you are ready to start a profitable business online, affiliate marketing is a perfect starting point. You can start an online business from the comfort of your home or office, with minimal investment and risk. And it doesn't matter what industry you're in - if you know how to create an effective affiliate marketing strategy, you can be successful no matter what product or service you sell! Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money on the Internet, especially when you get started with a proven product in an already established niche. If you have excellent writing skills, are a natural marketer and sell high-quality products or services, then becoming an affiliate for a popular online affiliate program is a great way to make money on the Internet. The affiliate marketers are the people who gain profits through the ads they post on the websites. It is a simple and easy way to generate extra money online.

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